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Message Subject I can remote view the North Koreans
Poster Handle Citizenperth
Post Content
I have been drawn to this forum some how or another. Been reading many threads. Over the last few days. I can easily say I have been enjoying the "Doom" on many of my personal favorite topics, haha. I might be becoming a doomtard. Not sure if it is a temporary thing or not. But I was hooked for a minute on the Raymond Brown thing and spent a sleepless night researching his name, and blah blah. You know the drill.

This is great, I had no idea the entertainment that goes on here daily, hourly. I can't stop from coming back. But with my first experience of "quick doom" I realised suddenly at how many of you have had the chance to stroke the nice long Doom scenarios. Like Mayan doom for instance. The building up of inner doom to that point must have been epic! What do you prefer most? Quickie doom? Or a nice long wine and dine, foreplay, music, massages then Doom? Maybe they are like rides at the amusement park you enjoy, just different but equally enjoyable in its own way.

But on a serious note, even though your entertaining yourself and others you seem to get a huge dose of current events almost realtime, collaberation between different parts of the world and what views "said nation" has. Which i think is awesome awesome awesome. .Debates are usualy drawn out a great amount. But that's OK.

My two cents on this entire issue is that I'm Dead-seriously frightened. I have a feeling and some information given to me leading up to this events to lead me to believe that soon we will be at war again with atleast NK/Iran. Maybe not Easter Sunday, but soon.

I believe Anytime great loss of human life is experienced, if you really think about it, It has to echo out into eternity in a very negative way. I wish people would jokingly or not, Think about what it means to just go ahead and say "Just Nuke the little zipper heads" some people truly mean it in their heart when they say it.

"Just Nuke them All"

My Brother is Active Special Forces right now, he is just 16 months older than I. He has been all over this planet for the last 8 years defending our Nation. After joining the army. He was Army, Army Ranger, now Special Forces. I honestly don't know where he is even at right now. I won't for awhile or if he will even ever come home. I do know, that when he does come home on leave, I spend about a good week with him each time and he pours out to me the filth he has accumulated on his soul. He shows me pictures and video clips he took with his camera. one I got him for Xmas a few years ago, that make me, a 29 year old man almost vomit, and turn away. We get drunk, usualy he cries and I cry for him. Then he seems to be ok after that first week home. He told me once of a day that his unit was near a town, I won't go into detail, but many people were killed almost within minutes. Women, children, babies, men. When I say many, I mean many. He told me when everything got quiet after those few minutes, All of his men just stopped suddenly. He was froze in time he said and could actually feel waves of energy/spirits/horror passing through and around him. My brother is the most down to earth person I know. When he said that he could almost see an eery light glowing, oozing, off the piles of hundreds of dead. It sent the chills up my neck..

I personally haven't dealt with any death other than my dog. I hope and Pray my brother makes it home safe each day. From what he has told me I hope this doesn't escalate to anything, ecspecialy something that ends up in our backyard people. NK is not the only people gunning for us in the United States. I'm sure you have all seen how Animals act when they see another injured animal.

God Bless,
 Quoting: Michigan Man 35610176

welcome aboard then!...

one thing, be very careful about speaking here about what your brother shares with you, i know it's a family borther thing.. but others are watching, and certainly mission (even), non-specifics should be a shhhhhhh thing.......
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