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Message Subject I can remote view the North Koreans
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I see Kim Jong-un sitting in a spacious military-style room with about 7-8 officers. One of them looks about 90 years old and has a deep scar on his right cheek (bullet wound?).

Kim is inspecting a silver model submarine, (about 20cm long) but it looks very unconventional. It resembles a missile but I think it's a submarine. He's asking a question and listening very intently as a 50 year old navy officer explains it to him.

I see the floor now. Cement. Is this a bunker? I don't see many furnishings. I get the feeling that Kim has an ace up his sleeve. Perhaps it's this submarine or missile. Perhaps it's an ICBM or a submarine that can fire a long-range missile. I don't know.

Whatever it is this I sense that a cunning deception is being planned. He wants the US and South Korea to be expecting an artillery strike but he's discussing something else that's much different to that.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16775551

I think your viewing something from a few days ago thats not the mind state hes in right now. He still trying to figure some things out personally. Hes standing in his daughters room right looking over her crib.

But still I'm going to shut this viewing down for right now I'm getting a really bad headache 1doh1
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