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Poster Handle John Titor
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You'll need two black holes(super concentrated masses). The pull between them will close the flip-book of time/space/gravity and allow you to renter the flip-book on the page you want.

In other words, you'll exit time_1 and enter time_0. Time_0 is what scientists are currently calling the 5th dimension, or ghost dimension. When you reenter time you will be in Time_1. So, if you are going back in time to fix your mistake, you really won't be fixing your mistake in your original time. You'll be fixing the mistake in an alternate time and living out your life there. Nothing you do will matter at this time.

In order to navigate time, you'll need something very similar to a Viking sun stone and compass. Only these will be clocks that measure time from the decay of radiation. What they do is measure something called divergence. When space/time/gravity is distorted, it creates something called a divergence wave. If those waves are too strong, just like being at sea, you will be diverted off your course. The clocks keep you on your course to the exact time and spot you want to go to.

If you don't know what a flip-book is, Google it. The past, present and future is all around us, all the time.
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