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Message Subject NK Plans to use subs to attack US...San Diego, El Paso involved
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just to inform you if you dident know. NK dont have any sub capable of carrying anything else than torpedoes, so if they aint gonna run em up on a beach and fire with handguns, i dont think you have to worry. Also their subs make 13kn submerged... You could run faster than that. They dont have the range or speed or the backup to cross the ocean.

So this thread FAILS bigtime, dont talk navy shit if you dont understand navy warfare.

They would need atleast 3-4 supportships for their 30 subs, and then 2 or more tankers. To defend them you need some destroyers or corvettes, maybe a fregate or two.

Try to hide that kind of movement when they cant even go to the toilet before your satelites pick that shit up.
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