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Message Subject NK Plans to use subs to attack US...San Diego, El Paso involved
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Under estimating North Koreans Military potential is ridiculous.

Obviously those who mock them know next to nothing about their armed forces. How much they train since a very young age.

Three generations of intense anti-western propaganda. These people will die for their leader. They are not some silly Iraqi army.

They make their own weapons, out number all other nations in fast attack subs, can level Seoul in 1 hour with conventional artillery.

If you ever read the training some of the best over their get, it is intense. Snipers train constantly and have deadly aim.

This would be an epic war of human persistence versus human technology.
 Quoting: --Voltaic--

Unfortunately you don't understand that NK is being asked to rattle the US cage of sheeple by those who maintain power and influence over the uS "official government".

Instilling percieved threats instills real fear and this is a game of fear. It's all been planned out. There will be no war. If anyhting happens at all, it will be a psyop.

The psyop battle is done with two willing parties and the sheeple of the USSA are very willing to get scared when those in power keep them living in fear.

It's the ultimate control method. Go read The Iron Mountain Report. NOTHING is done by the Empire by accident. It mentions that military governments which keep its citizens in a permanent state of fear, will maintain power & influence. It makes a very valid point that peace is the enemy of gov'ts who want power, control, and influence over its subjects.

People posting this NK bullshit need to stop feeding into the foreign threat/terorist/drug war propaganda and start developing a healthy anger against the system which keeps them giving up their freedoms due to fear.
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