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Message Subject BREAKING>>>> North Korea says it 'enters war' with South Korea!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
are we at the point in the situation where a couple of volleys could be had back n forth without further escalation, or, if one shot goes, so does the world? what is a real possibility?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36430087

^this^ wondering the same.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5240732

A nuclear attack on an American base would result in a nuclear response by the United States on North Korea, which has a mutual defense pact with China.

This is a given.

China wants us out of the orient completely, and that means the south Korean peninsula, Taiwan and Japan. So yes , it is a possible rapid escalation scenario that could blow up into an all out nuclear exchange in a matter of hours from now.

North Korea has always has been a buffer zone between China and US forces, and China undoubtedly gave them the bomb.

The Chinese are behind the aggression and now that they have destroyed our economy and we have no industrial machine intact, they can roll right over NATO with the co operation of Putin.

This is a probable scenario given Putin hates the jew banksters that sponsored the Bolshevik revolution and that are running the NATO block, and he doesn't like the aggressive imperialist wars we have worn ourselves out on , many of his ancestors were killed by Stalin who was backed by the jew bankers.

It's a complicated situation. While China and Russia have adopted the capitalist system combining it with a easing of totalitarianism, we are slipping into the failed communist totalitarian system of government both China and Russia have already learned is a failure and cannot work the hard way..

The banksters will try to come out the only man standing, BUT NOT THIS TIME. their day has come, and I for one won't miss them. We should have hung them from the lamp posts 80 years ago, but we let them destroy our nation and use it up.

No one would listen, and as long as credit was easy we were all happy. That wealth has to come from some where, in the case of the banksters it has to be stolen from other nations.
 Quoting: Anonymous 1101446
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