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Message Subject BREAKING>>>> North Korea says it 'enters war' with South Korea!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
give it up doomtards thier is no war they told the chinese its all propaganda now unpin this crap
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36178675

The people of North Korea are in a world of shit. Food shortages, economic cluster fuck, etc, etc, etc,. Any new sanctions just makes that shit deeper.

Kim Jung Un has no choice. Either give in the the West's demands and end the sanctions or war with the West to fight sanctions

He has the support of his suffering people now, but if he does NOTHING and his people continue to suffer, he will lose their support and he could end up like Quaddhafi before he is 40.

Either way he is screwed. He cannot ease his people's suffering and he will not give in to the West. What seems like suicide may be his only option.

He may attack the West and go underground as our bombs rain hell upon him. When thousands of his civilians and troops are killed Kim will come out and call for a cease fire, and ask for an end of sanctions. His nuke threat will have been obliterated by then so he will then be able to comply with the UN.

As long as he does not use nukes of WMDs he will keep the support of China and rebuild.

Queers like you have no idea what is going on. Ask any Korean how things are in the North...it's no secret, they have got nothing so they have nothing to lose.

We have a President here who has no idea what to do and KIM KNOWS IT.

Kim will attack somehwere...not that he has the sack, just the tiny sack he does have has been squeezed and he has no choice.
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