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Message Subject im a retired model. where is the most conservative,backwoods type place, small town vibe, that o can move to?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i'm a(still smokin hot) 40 year old retired model. i have owned my own businesses and properties. looking for a lovely conservative place, gun friendly, maybe a college to finish my degree.
somewhere to hunt and fish and publically hang wrongdoers.
somewhere with no smogtests for my vintage car, and a place where i dont have to register my home garden. a home that willa allow me more than 3 chickens and a nice rooster.
neighbors who let me smoke and bbq in my backyard. a place that maybe fireworks are legal on the fourth of jul(my b day).
a place where i can buy local milk, beer, wine, and moonshine.
a place where i can hang an american flag with no gold fringes around it. a plaxe where a woman doesn;t have to be a "superwoman". a place with county fairs and cake and pie contests. a place where i can get a nice secretary job and still have a life...
i was born and bred in los angeles. i still have hope that theres something kinder and gentler out there.
i like the simple life. cooking, cleaning,entertaining friends,participating in community stuff...

where is this?
is this even in america anymore?
 Quoting: pollyanna 18380705

You say your 40?. More like 16 or you reached 45KG weight. Well that is the way the modelling industry works? Outlived your purpose so young?

No, just being sarcastic towards the industry not to you personally. Hope you find your place. Plenty of similar places like that in Oz but more outside the capital cities.
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