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Message Subject im a retired model. where is the most conservative,backwoods type place, small town vibe, that o can move to?
Poster Handle thetrickybigguy
Post Content
i'm a(still smokin hot) 40 year old retired model. i have owned my own businesses and properties. looking for a lovely conservative place, gun friendly, maybe a college to finish my degree.
somewhere to hunt and fish and publically hang wrongdoers.
somewhere with no smogtests for my vintage car, and a place where i dont have to register my home garden. a home that willa allow me more than 3 chickens and a nice rooster.
neighbors who let me smoke and bbq in my backyard. a place that maybe fireworks are legal on the fourth of jul(my b day).
a place where i can buy local milk, beer, wine, and moonshine.
a place where i can hang an american flag with no gold fringes around it. a plaxe where a woman doesn;t have to be a "superwoman". a place with county fairs and cake and pie contests. a place where i can get a nice secretary job and still have a life...
i was born and bred in los angeles. i still have hope that theres something kinder and gentler out there.
i like the simple life. cooking, cleaning,entertaining friends,participating in community stuff...

where is this?
is this even in america anymore?
 Quoting: pollyanna 18380705

hey OP it sounds to me like you need a vacation...

come to ft laud and we'll make the drive to key west.

ever been?

it is the most beautiful drive you can make and i guarantee you it will clear out the cob webs and this time of the year the weather is the best in the world.
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