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Message Subject Words from My 5 Year Old Autistic Son: "Here Comes Jesus" !!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You seem like a nice enough lady OP but..seriously I have no idea why people bring their kids into this raging hornet's nest.

Multiple people accusing you of brainwashing your kid, one person suggesting his autism is YOUR fault- and this is all just the first page. I mean- is it worth it?

Just because your kid randomly babbled something about Jesus? Kids that age babble about weird shit constantly. The fact he's autistic perhaps means he babbles less than others (?) but regardless- it doesn't seem like your home ISN'T a place "Jesus" is spoken of frequently. I'd feel comfortable betting Jesus is brought up a lot. So then what's so remarkable about him repeating what he likely hears all the time?

Lastly, I also sometimes see people post images of their kids on this-and-similar-themed forums. Given the HIGH NUMBER of mixed-up wack-jobs who are users that's something I will never fucking understand.

I mean...lol, lookit this place.

For fuck's sake keep the kids out of it.
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