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Message Subject Words from My 5 Year Old Autistic Son: "Here Comes Jesus" !!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It is very possible this child did see Jesus. My 9 year old daughter saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary appear to her back in 2011 only for a few seconds. I also have a photo taken of my daughter when she was 2 with an apparition of white dove flying across the photo (the holy spirit).

Also we both saw summer of 2011 the word "Jesus" written clearly in the clouds one late afternoon. Under that word was written in Hebrew, I think either yahweh or yeshua. Not sure which.

For those who do not believe, you will get the shock of your life when everyone gets visited soon by Jesus to see personally the state of your soul. That is called the Illumination of souls (or the Warning).

I just think, oh boy, will they get the shock of their life. Can't wait.....
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