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Message Subject Words from My 5 Year Old Autistic Son: "Here Comes Jesus" !!!
Poster Handle Revo/elation
Post Content

Never seen the God haters SO sensitive as you are today!
Blowing your noses in your skirts all worked up and in a tizzy over the Jesus talk. Flaming the OP and lady in the vid. ALL THE WHILE saying how "hateful, and disgusting" ALL Christians are"
Logic fail.
 Quoting: Revo/elation

I never said Christians are hateful. I said they are "intolerant, uneducated and largely imbecilic." Comprehension fail.

I will admit that I hate indoctrination of such young children. So yes, I am hate filled. But what are you going to do? Not like Christians can just stop themselves. They have to secure a new generation of dullards to fulfill their prophecy. To believe, unquestioningly, in a story where a snake could talk, and God lied. Get them young and that's easy! More mindless drones to go to church every Sunday. More money for the church!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6850261

wtf? are you 19 years old? Insert wtf EVER insults you want. The POINT is the SAME. It's pretty much always the same accusation of uneducated, intolerant,imbecile's (your words) and the POINT that they are the evil ones..(lol)

Second,If you have the mysteries of the universe including God figured out then why are you worried about it? What makes you think all believers go to a church building? what makes you know that all Christians give money? Oh you don't know...you are making a sweeping generalization yes or no?

So again, since you have all the mysteries of the universe solved with certainty, one of them being that the God of the bible is fake and all these poor people are just living a lie then shouldn't you be helping us all with your "wisdom" rather than calling them names? Who is wise?
 Quoting: Revo/elation

As if age has any bearing on this discussion. No. I'm not 19. Are you a 50 something, trailer-trash, uneducated dolt? Chances are, yes. Anyone that supports the indoctrination ofc children into something they cannot possibly understand is evil. Plan. And. Simple.

I am trying to help. I'm making arguments against such indoctrination of children. Please stop indoctrinating your children at such young ages. They do not have the ability to make those types of decisions. Wait until they are older to introduce them to it. Let them discover their faith/lack of faith organically. They do not benefit in any way by learning about it at such an early age. Forcing it on them is a form of child abuse.

But this will fall on deaf ears of course. You cannot wait, because you cannot allow them to think for themselves. Get them early. Even if they don't donate, or go to a house of worship. Just get them early. More to add to the cult, just the same. You are indeed the villains here.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6850261

I only mentioned the age because you obviously ignored the point of how Christians are called these things when the facts show (in this very thread) the opposite is true about who are filled with insults. There should be plenty of examples if its so common yet I see none. Not on this thread. I see no example of Christians on most threads doing any insulting exept of one another re: doctrine. Don't you think the fact that they are receiving these false insults kind of ironic?
If you are trying to help maybe you will answer this since you didn't answer anything else I mentioned; Is teaching kids; not to kill, respect your parents, don't be jealous of others posessions, etc. basically the 10 commandments indoctrination? how is that different than teaching values from whatever belief system you are from? Please dont use the religion cop out.
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