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Message Subject Words from My 5 Year Old Autistic Son: "Here Comes Jesus" !!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yeshua (Jesus) won't return before 2056 something like that, Yawhe (God) will let the NWO rule for one hour meaning 41,6 years or approximately 41 years and 7 months from the year 2017 which is likely to be the year, but only Yawhe knows the exact time, so this is my personal personal belief after quite a long research, anyways some believers should get snatched up as soon as the antichrist is revealed which also implies that the temple of Salomon is rebuilt, only believers watching for him will see him and be snatch up to heaven, the wicked won't see the first return, many will disappear overnight that precise day but the wicked will go thru the great tribulation and suffer a lot, those that will repent later will be saved but won't escape a violent death , they should also not take the mark of the beast or miss salvation.

So don't be to excited yet, that little boy has just transmitted a good news to the believers, he's coming soon but that won't be this year neither next year, there are still some years to pass and events to be fulfilled before we really get to know who the son of perdition really is.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37155584

Still some years to pass? That's what people been claiming for over 2000 years now. Anyhow. Can you explain why the crucifixion is called ‘Good Friday’? Doesn't sound like a good day to me and really not something to celibate at all. Kind of freaks me out people of faith participate in this evil.
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