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Message Subject Fireball season cover up, Earth's magnetic field predictable disturbances.. proven orbital period where Earth gets hammered! April watch is on!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP , fantastic post and well presented , I was checking NICT daily too until it "shut down" , was wondering if the magnetic field disturbances correlated with solar activity and was frequently checking SpaceWeather.com too , seems like there is a gravitational pull somewhere "out there" that is upsetting the apple cart , I do have my own theory but its your post and I m not going to jump in and start putting my ideas forward.

Anyway its Easter Sunday and I ve got a 10 year old who will scoff all his eggs and then feel sick if I don't get off this computer and assert some mummy authority.

(Oh and I have to agree with the other ladies on the Facebook pic , very nice !!!!)
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