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Message Subject Fireball season cover up, Earth's magnetic field predictable disturbances.. proven orbital period where Earth gets hammered! April watch is on!
Poster Handle T-Cain
Post Content
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37152133

This thread is like physically impossible to call bs on.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36915407

Thanks Bending Light. Great work as usual. Ill follow this thread.
No criticism here, but I was hopeful you'd expand more your theory of why or what was on this side of space to make our magnetic field have such a predictable anomaly? Is the anomaly getting worse/increasing strength each year?
Is the anomaly side from wherever some claim planet X is coming in from?
What size object would it take to disrupt our mag. this much? How close? Approaching at what velocity our solar system?

If this is what you're implying.

Or 2.

As we have progressed around the outer limb of the galactic plane on our 226 million year orbit around our galactic center--is there something in this quadrant of space which causes the predictable anomaly?

Or is there a 3?

Or a 4?

If there are other possible solutions? Theorize the top 3 most likely ones?
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