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Message Subject Why do women give FAKE NUMBERS?!?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Think about it, some big guy, one that can almost certainly kick your ass and rape you if he gets mad, comes up and suggests that you and he have a "date".

You don't particularly want a bad prison scene, so you try to make it seem like you're going along with him,long enough to escape.

True, it isn't needed most of the time, but not wanting confrontation with a giant creepy seeming person isn't being a coward overly. it's being smart.

If a little rough on all the innocent guys that just don't have great social skills.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 499151

I can understand a women wanting to feel safe but the words you use show where your paranoid mind is at. "escape"? "innocent guys that just don't have great social skills"? "prison scene"? Man, you must really think highly of yourself.

I think it is very clear that many women are out there playing games and snicker at some man they have judged as a "smuck". Also it is very clear that they take their time and chose men very selectively.

So the question is why anyone should ever feel sorry for them when they finally do choose some guy and it turns to crap? They were in control and made the choice to pick some bad guy and in the process treated many other good guys like hell. i think Karma just came around and bit them in the ass. They got what they put out there.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33325207

My word choices were for you. I'm a man, so I framed it that way so that you could understand what women might be thinking.

Now, as to the last paragraph you wrote, it goes pretty far afield from the conversation.

Yes, everyone should always be nice and polite, but part of that is learning to understand that other people have reasons for what they do too.
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