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Message Subject Why do women give FAKE NUMBERS?!?
Poster Handle Listen_n
Post Content
Think about it, some big guy, one that can almost certainly kick your ass and rape you if he gets mad, comes up and suggests that you and he have a "date".

You don't particularly want a bad prison scene, so you try to make it seem like you're going along with him,long enough to escape.

True, it isn't needed most of the time, but not wanting confrontation with a giant creepy seeming person isn't being a coward overly. it's being smart.

If a little rough on all the innocent guys that just don't have great social skills.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 499151

I can understand a women wanting to feel safe but the words you use show where your paranoid mind is at. "escape"? "innocent guys that just don't have great social skills"? "prison scene"? Man, you must really think highly of yourself.

I think it is very clear that many women are out there playing games and snicker at some man they have judged as a "smuck". Also it is very clear that they take their time and chose men very selectively.

So the question is why anyone should ever feel sorry for them when they finally do choose some guy and it turns to crap? They were in control and made the choice to pick some bad guy and in the process treated many other good guys like hell. i think Karma just came around and bit them in the ass. They got what they put out there.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33325207

Men can be so aggressive with women. Even the men who aren't so aggressive can still lurk in the distance and come after her when she leaves. If you watch any criminal law on TV that's all they show is normal decent looking men attacking raping and murdering women. Women are apprehensive of men out of caution. Men don't face a normal statistic of rape like women do. Women get raped all the time.

If some big burly guy and his friends came up and said gimme $5 or I'll kill you. Would u give him $5 just to get him off your back? Or would u say something u think may provoke him? Imagine not knowing which of those guys will torture and kill u cuz they all seem nice at first. It's a normal reaction to give someone what they want to avoid conflict, hurt feelings or a deadly ending.

Don't take it personally tho dude. She wasn't the one for u. That's for sure. Her loss. On to the next. :)
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