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Message Subject Update: CBS Los Angeles: “Dead sea lions everywhere” — Rescuer: I’ve never seen anything like this…
Poster Handle Take Boron Everyday
Post Content
take boron, it's cheap, a little every day, it helps prevent radio active particles from being absorbed by your body, it also helps prevent prostate cancer in men.....

The Pacific is dying.... so far there has been about 900 trillion becquerels of strontium 90 have been dumped into the pacific, from Fukishima.

Back ground radiation is increasing and the west coast is at risk..... stay off the beaches in Santa Monica, the debris field from Japan will be hitting soon...

and the worst is that it's still going on, and will continue to go on for the next 40 years, there is no technology available to fix Fukshima, the core of two reactors are missing.... Go to Rense he's been covering the whole thing since the start....

Do you think, corporate media is going to release the truth about this hell no, that would destroy the nuclear power industry here and everywhere....

There should be a world wide taskforce of scientists to work on this disaster, and come up with solutions.....but there won't be

If you can get to the southern hemisphere, the waters of the southern hemisphere and the northern don't mix that much...
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