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Message Subject Update: CBS Los Angeles: “Dead sea lions everywhere” — Rescuer: I’ve never seen anything like this…
Poster Handle LahLuna
Post Content
The 'mass animal die offs' continue to occur worldwide...at an increasing rate, especially the oceanic life.

Yet, despite this increasing and alarming FACT, the world's governments remain silent as to why and the majority of sheeple continue about their business as if everything is normal, when clearly... it's NOT.
 Quoting: Knowbody Special


Let's see, natural disasters of biblical proportions, rivers and frozen lakes turning blood red, monster tornadoes in places and during seasons where/when they should not be occurring, spiders raining down from the sky, an increase in large space rocks raining down from the skies, biblical swarms of locusts, crazy solar activity....and just within the last week another massive sea life die-off accompanied by a storm the size of the Atlantic Ocean...Yeah, nothing to see here - everything is okay. Move along, please, in an orderly fashion.
 Quoting: FreakObserver

I'm kind of housebound and don't really get a chance to talk to many people, but last month there was a youtube vid about all the crazy stuff that went down, all in just that one month, wonder what March would/will look like. Could you tell me a bit more about these things you listed? Some I've heard of, but some I have not. TIA!
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