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"Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me.


Who is the messiah referring to? Who was he talking to?

I know he was talking to the hebrew Israelite true believers his apostles who obeyed and walked in his commands and laws.Those that truly believed and had the faith that he was the one sent from God.

The ones who gave him up started with one of his very own an apostle who was more focused on the money and material.He had a zeal for God but not the real knowledge and was friends of greed and selfishness.

In Christs time there were various religious denominations the Sadduccees Pharasees the Zealots the Essenes the Scribes.They as organizations were all opposed to his teaching and did influence the citizens with their false accusations and slander.They were the ones who reported him to the authorities, yes religious men with their own made up laws and antichrist gatherings. They kissed up to Rome, the democratic government of Israel to slay the Christ.

We are approaching the end time and it is becoming quite evident that the hostility we will soon see is not from the worldly people but many who say Lord Lord.These are the ones will be reporting the true and honorable believers to the athorities. What is funny to me is these are the same Romans and fasle Jews who gave you this false religion and you believe every piece of hogwash they gave you as doctrine

You already see the soft stance these institutions take against sin particularly gays and lesbianism adultary lying stealing and pedophiles. We are seeing the hostility right here on forums from certain Christians when truth is being addressed regarding the LAWS of God.They have sold! out and now the world has them by the testees,because they don't see a standard so they challenge you,what can you say to us we don't see no difference?

Messiah told us believers in the future they will hate us like they hated him and I see it every day. The religious system are taking you down the path of lawlessness and tardiness and you love it so. You want that lawless walk with that false Jesus Rome gave to you.No responsibility just grace and when truth comes along you get mad and cast stones at his words.

To the true brothers and sisters do not be deceived you will be persecuted and turned by those you trust and love .Brother will go against brother,sister against sister,mother against daughter, father against son. Your best friend will turn you in,this is what the verse means,because when they see you are doing God's will they will turn you in to stay friends with the world.They will get their meal tickets from the beast system.

The beast is after God's true people and many of you do not know it yet but are sitting in these false houses of worship and you are an Israelite by blood,The churches have lied to us all and told you you are gentiles and many of you are not.But the father gave us the signs between us and him that in the last days he will know us by our obedience .

The first sign he gave us is in genesis the shabbat his day. He said it is a sign between him and his people. The second sign is the passover his passover a memorial in our hand and between our eyes that we keep his law in our mouths and teach our children the same.


9 And it shall be for a sign unto thee upon thine hand, and for a memorial between thine eyes, that the LORD's law may be in thy mouth: for with a strong hand hath the LORD brought thee out of Egypt
 Quoting: Neim-Ya'shar
I have a question for you and you know and I know you will not answer it because if you do you will be proved to be the false teacher you are.The question is this.WHY DO YOU REFUSE TO KEEP THE SABBATH!???
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