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Message Subject Mike McLelland, Kaufman County District Attorney, Found Dead With Wife In Texas Home
Poster Handle Propagandiated
Post Content
Do not assume the most obvious suspects in this.
The obvious suspects would be white supremacists, the Aryan Brotherhood. This would fit into the agenda.

Lets look at who may have been direct enemies of both McLelland and Hasse:

Leads: [link to kaufmancountycorruption.com]
[link to www.ripoffreport.com]
[link to www.ripoffreport.com]
[link to www.kaufmanherald.com]
[link to www.kaufmanherald.com]
[link to www.kaufmanherald.com]
[link to www.forneypost.net]
The links in this post are not final

People to consider:

1) Attorney Eric Williams
2) Judge Howard Tygrett
3) Judge Virginia Schnorr
4) Linda Duggan
5) "The Good Old Boy Network"
 Quoting: Propagandiated

good info.
good research.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37137500


It could be way off the mark, and some Aryan Brotherhood is behind this as some authorities are insinuating, though theres no evidence either of these two men would be targeted by them specifically.

Besides, white supremacists targeting other whites doesn't make sense. Especially two men who appear to be of the least corrupt in the county.

As far as I can tell, the DOJ is pushing the White Supremacist theme, but who heads the DOJ? Eric Holder, and I'm not sure we should be trusting anything anyone says that is coming from ABOVE Kaufman County. But what I found is worth further exposing anyhow, as it seems the rest of the Kaufman County Officials named are way too corrupt not to look into.

Finally, after the Hasse killing, there was one arrest. They sort of redacted that fact and wouldn't allude to who they arrested. Somehow I sense that is important, too.
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