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Message Subject Mike McLelland, Kaufman County District Attorney, Found Dead With Wife In Texas Home
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Those who said Cartel may have spoken too soon. This could originate internally within this apparent CPS corruption.

Which means we may have a big coverup a'comin.
 Quoting: Propagandiated

I CAN TELL YOU THIS since I live here......don't make the police here even notice you are alive because once they have you on their radar and they determine they don't like the way you look then you're in danger and staying out of their FOR PROFIT private jail can become an uphill battle that is difficult to climb and impossible if you are broke. I

I know this because I have a very close relative who had a girlfriend who turned out to be a psycho (I always knew she was and tried and begged him to get rid of her) and this psycho would do drugs that would turn her into a raving ball of paranoid rage and she would just start slapping him and scream accusing him of various things. I was there. Oneday she was mad and called 911 twice saying he beat her. The first time she calmed down when the police arrived and she told them she was sorry that she told 911 that cuz she was mad. Several months later she did it again. This time she accused him of trying to kill her. She was not injured but they found out he had been arrested before (dui) and because he has no money and this assault weapon would land him in jail the Kaufman police made getting and keeping this man in jail to help county profit their number one miission in life. Nevermind they have proof she lies and no definite proof of her claims. Meanwhile his life is a scary nightmare because HE IS ON THEIR RADAR NOW. They drive by his house slowly and will show up at his door knocking loud..a neighboor of his saw them but he easnt at home. And they have even pulled my mom over in his Truck +(they thought it was him) and she asked why and they said we did not see you use her turn signal. She said yes I did. He told her she could go and use her signals everytime.

It is very scary around here. I try to remain unnoticed.
 Quoting: bornatexan

No shit!

I felt safer in friggin Dallas.
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