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Message Subject Mike McLelland, Kaufman County District Attorney, Found Dead With Wife In Texas Home
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If you have lived in Kaufman county you know that it intersects with Hunt county and those two alone account for most of the meth being sold in Dallas/North Texas.

Many, if not all, of the cops/lawyers in that neck of the woods are aware, and a part of, what is called the Cowboy Mafia. I was told by an attorney (as he packed up his blown up office, years ago) that the 'Cowboy Mafia runs all the way to DC, down to Columbia, and back.'

We are talking hundred of witch's covens (that 'bless the drug loads') and hundred of different gang affiliations that make and run the drugs. There is always a lot of infighting within this group. Arson and kidnapping are pretty regular events with these groups.

As well, and you can tell this by looking around Lake Tawakoni on google earth, there are three (maybe more, now) 'encampments' for Greek and Czech soldiers that have been stationed there since the 90s and these soldiers have/run prison-like camps that are surrounded by dirt roads that have barcoded street signs. I have seen the outside of one the encampments, and the barbed wire is meant to keep folks in.
At that one place, I could see a blocks-long wooden facility with a pitched roof, painted army green.

When I mentioned the foreign soldiers to the bombed out lawyer, he said that the corruption was so entrenched out there that the military planned to use foreign troops to 'arrest' those the local/county cops would not or could not.

At the time, I was assuming he meant family members and close friends. But looking back I am thinking now he was referring to the 'lists' we hear so much about.

AND FYI: Lake Tawakoni is a major source of drinking water for Dallas.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16977697

I hear ya...
Look down cedar creek area as well
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