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This is Loki's Easter!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25850002
United States
03/30/2013 10:30 PM
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This is Loki's Easter!
Think about it.

The day before Easter is Saturday.

What's the significance of that?

Well, let's look at the etymology behind the names of the days of the week, shall we?

Sunday - 'Sun' Day - Self explanatory

Monday - 'Moon' Day - Also self explanatory

Tuesday - Tyr's Day. Tyr is the Nordic God of Law and Glory.

Wednesday - Woden's Day. Woden is an alternate spelling/pronunciation for Odin, the All-Father.

Thursday - Thor's Day. The most well known of the Nordic Gods, Thor is the God of Lightning and Thunder, and is the step-brother/rival of Loki.

Friday - Freyja's Day. Freyja is the wife of Odin and the mother of Thor.

So, how is Saturday related to Loki?

The old english name for Saturday was Saeter-daeg, which meant "the day of Saeter." Saeter was an altenate name for Loki.

Therefore, Saturday is Loki's Day.

So what relevance does that even have?

Well, look at the day after Easter.

April the First. April Fool's Day.

The day when all manner of light-hearted deception abounds...Loki's very own Holiday.

And Easter is right in between those two days. wink

The significance of it, and what will happen...I leave to you.