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Message Subject WTF?!?Cesar Chavez over Easter? Google, that is wrong
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
And for you morans out there,

this issue is not about chavez, he can be showcased by google at any time.

It IS about google's systematic, repeated ignoring of Christianity and morality.

Don't tell me this is about Chavez. It is about the microscopic American flag google showed on the Fourth of July.

Like leaving a 2-cent tip, it is worse than no tip at all.

google hates America and God,

look at any Christian or patriotic holiday on google.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28167778

Why link Morality with Christianity.

Is it moral to instill institutionalized guilt on people?

Is it moral to create a feeling of separation between people and God and make them feel like they will never atain godhood unless they follow that doctrine?

Is it moral to instill shame on children when they're exploring their own sexual reality?(masturbation)

Is it moral to tell people when they ask questions that all their answers are int he bible and use spiritual abuse in doing that?

I laugh a bible belts christians. They don't realize half of the bible (king james) was put in there by popes in the 1400's and know nothing about astrotheology.

There's nothing spiritual about christian religion.
It's actually based on constantly trying to be perfect and denying or feeling guilty about your imperfections.

it does nothing to create real intimacy with others and create a real relational spiritual experience, nor does it live in truth or love.

It's just an institution.

The only ones i respect and admire in the christian faith are those humanitarians who go out there to help the needy and missionaries.

Other than that, most folks are hypocrites and so self deluded to ask that google honor "their" religion.
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