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Message Subject He is alive ! Jesus King of Kings
Poster Handle John Donson
Post Content
No Linky, you stinky....

You know the rules... show me the proof....

 Quoting: BoroBoro


Once I was lost but now I am found

I was blind and now I see

I can't show you a mended heart I can only
tell you about it.
 Quoting: Ice

My main man Ice! I hear your praise but this is GLP so let's turn this thread into a conspiracy. Do you think Judas turned in Jesus for the money, or do you think it was Jesus' plan to have Judas tip off the authorities to be captured in order to fulfill God's plan for the Trinity?
 Quoting: John Donson 37100583

I was the dark lord Satan

It was his moment to be trapped

You have to understand the blood issue
 Quoting: Ice

So you're saying that Judas was a pawn in a bigger game? If so, then the Bible isn't exactly truthful now, is it?
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