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Message Subject Democrats Push Legislation to Remove Sheriffs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They also want to push legislation to remove

-Being an American, to be a globalist instead.

-To remove God in school and the country.

-To legalize the sick minded to marry.

-To kill post born kids if the mother doesn't want the child.

-My gun from my hand and call me a criminal for following the system just for getting it.

All this legislation for more free shit. The officials are their owners. When their pet does something good for them, like call the opposition a racist, they are given a treat. That treat is more free shit and sitting on their liberal fat asses not working on the working man's dime.

If you don't agree with libtards on anyone of their views, you are deemed racist.
Because libtards can't think of anything else good to call you.

Never in my life would I see the working man be the bad guy.
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