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Message Subject Two leaked photo's of Alien ET "Anunnaki" Women come from same place! Pine Gap!
Poster Handle Ford Prefect
Post Content
despite it being ALL OVER THE INTERNET this is not anja rubik.

they will convince you it is.

the shills have been hard at work to convince you that the image is indeed a photoshop of anja rubik but after careful study i conclude it is impossible for them to be one and the same.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16729003

I was never into Casbolt stuff, not now not never, but his "Anunnaki woman" pic was obviously photoshopped and it doesn't take an army of shills to figure it out.

As far as I'm concerned Casbolt could as well be a disinfo agent himself.
 Quoting: Ford Prefect

I am not saying you're wrong but to claim the photo is obviously photoshopped is easy to do. Can you back that statement up with expert analysis of the photo?
 Quoting: Ozicell

Dude give me a break! When Casbolt came up with that pic Photoshop was not EXACTLY a popular software among the average internet noob, but it already had plenty of tools for making up an alien-looking person.

And that pic doesn't have anything extraordinary in CGI. Most a couple of contrast/color manipulation and a bit of erase/retouch for obtaining the "alien thin nose", but that WAS IMPRESSIVE 5, 6 years ago. I was duped by that pic myself, until I figured out myself what Photoshop can do.

I'm gonna say the same thing to you, if Tom Cruise was a John Doe, Photoshop was not so popular and Casbolt had came out with this pic some 5 years ago, many people would buy it as a "reptilian alien".

IMAGE ( [link to www.ezuca.com] )
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