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to soul

Eon IX
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03/31/2013 02:24 PM
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to soul
so much to say
but I do not know any language
I want to touch
but the approach separates
I'd love to rain
but remained low in salt

I cry when I know that no one will hear
I watch when I know that no one will see
I get wet when the sky the sun shines brightly
I break the door to hear the sound of someone
I was rude to me when full of tenderness
I was cold on my heart is burning in the fire

Sing selfishness! Rejoice, and we revel in bitterness.
But the bitterness of wine will.
Hermetic, philosopher, and mystic.
Interests: Love, Mathematics, Geometry, Gematria, Geochemistry, Alchemy, The Truth, Accuracy, Hermes Trismegistus, Medicine, Geology, Astronomy, Blast and goodness, Altruism, Giving, People Caring for a living, helping people and dreams of people,void fill,frank incense, myrrh, cumin seeds, kindness, mercy, flowers, and animals, raising the planetary spirits and angels


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