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uncommon knowledge

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 37227749
Russian Federation
04/01/2013 12:20 AM
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uncommon knowledge
Once I post this I can not and will not wait around to answer any question's. I truly really do not care if you agree with with what I am divulging to you.
You see some of you will recognize yourself in my words, recognize that what I am saying is true. Yet you will be scared shit less to admit it and deny that what I am writing is possible.
Trolling me at this time is ineffective, I will simply not be around to argue any points. I have very little time, to put out a lot of information and no time for troll bait.
Keep in mind that if you recognize what I say is true and recognize it in your behavior, you will begin to see positive signs that I pushed you in the right direction and that you have a chance to free yourself from the mental contagion( some of you might call it mind control programing) Also beware their are handlers in your midst, with innocuous screen names that automatically would make you chalk up their bait(precondition you) to accept their words as an expectation of their online persona. An example Screen name: "Jive talker" post the following, "This article states that this event is false "with a link to link to the article" The article states the opposite you read it and troll her, or belittle her for being so dumb!
You have just been had!
You read the article yourself came to the opposite conclusion and nothing in this world will sway you that that the article was not the truth.
Sides have already been cast, you did not choose but were led to them by your own eyes, your own ears and your own brain.
At this time you are either spewing out religion, spewing out hatred of religion, racial hate, you name it. It was designed this way, it was not an accident.
You are after all "Awakening" a superior person both in intellect and in grammar, spelling and education.
I assure you you are the biggest sucker in the universe.
Example: "skull and Bones " post's the following.
By entangling to molecules inherent in the structure of neuronal voltage gated ion channels, it is possible to both suppress and actvate action potentials by conveying charge, via entanglement. These gates can be manipulated, using the brain's endogenous ions in order to manipulate thoughts, feelings, desires. It is also possible to fully control and augment the visual, auditory, and motor cortex functions.

It kinda, maybe made sense but not really.
Words misspelled on purpose, most would automatically note it, correct and continue reading. A few of you grammar Nazi's would get hung up on the word "activate" point out that it was misspelled (ignoring the fact that a automatic spell checker exists)A full 86 percent of you would "activate" the instructions given in that statement, without your conscious knowledge.
Have you not heard the universal reinforcement "A human mind is a powerful thing"?

Some posters write in gibberish example:
"yoo kan reed tiss wiht oot rying" with this disclaimer "Please forgive me , sorry English is not my first language"
Oh really? Your brain is smart enough to see what you think you did not see and very capable of correcting and storing the message without your permission. After a while you do not pay attention to the gibberish, but I assure your minds scan corrects catalogs and stores the true propaganda hidden in the gibberish.

You my friend are known by what you post. See how many screen name users, come to mind with this simple test.

Ned } Hate religious threads... Usually gay, had an abortion, drug addicts, can not tolerate positive messages as they see themselves as loser's

Dreamer } wannabe forum queens... distraction is a way of life ...seem like innocent airheads until you pay attention

bart } forum bully You will agree with them to stay on their good side. in reality you believe the opposite

manny } religious tards positive message and believe in humanity

whitey }racist self explanatory

lil joe } post analytical bullshit Really? Nothing they post makes sense to your "conscious" mind.

luv u } everyone's friends (they add balance) but when the claws come out everyone pays attention.

Make you own list. Who is controlling you? Not me I am just a gent from a small firm in rural VA. Get it dumb ass?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 19004483
United States
04/01/2013 01:17 AM
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Re: uncommon knowledge
At this point, who is playing who is the question.

Once you start manipulating the quantum field, you also give away your position, and the means by which the manipulation is taking place, to everyone in the field.

You all shot yourself in the foot, but dont know it yet.