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Drones to begin delivering newspapers...

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04/01/2013 08:17 AM
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Drones to begin delivering newspapers...
In collaboration with drone-maker Parrot, local postal service La Poste Group will deliver mail via quadricopter drones as early as May of this year, the group recently announced on its blog.

The group is already testing the "Parrot Air Drone Postal" service in Auvergne with a team of 20 postal workers and 20 drones. The postal workers can control the drones by an iPod Touch, iPhone, and Android devices using Parrot's smartphone app.

FedEx wants to be able to use drones to transport packages, rather than having to rely on passenger planes. That's because passenger planes need to be pressurized, which is expensive, and they also can't fly in formation, which is much more efficient.

[link to www.sfgate.com]
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