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Message Subject BREAKING UPDATE August 11, 2015 / 591 cases / 300 deaths from H7N9 . MERS CoV 1352 Cases, 479 deaths
Poster Handle Vic-chick13
Post Content
I couldn't imagine dying that way. I know when I have had asthma attacks, it is a frightening feeling of drowning and gasping for air... this would be ten fold, to say it lightly.

Is it too early to start ordering new face masks? As well as a slew load of other shit? Better to do now, then wait until everything is unavailable?
 Quoting: CrazyMama73

get prepared as much as you can , try to avoid public transport , stock up on food , try looking at a site millennium ark for food water storage ideas good luck
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 38938952

Stan Deyo/ Millennium -Ark

[link to standeyo.com]
 Quoting: Vic-chick13

I am as prepared as a freakoid mother can be, with out her husband wanting to push her into a "helpful environment".

I already have N95 masks.. but it shows an expiration date??? how good are they actually, past the expiration?
 Quoting: CrazyMama73

I like the way you put that! My husband would like to do that sometimes, I'm sure.
I have no idea why they would have an expiration date, I haven't noticed if mine do, I should check that. Not that I worry too much about expiration dates on most things anyway!
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