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A thought about the "North Korea" situation.

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United States
04/02/2013 11:37 AM
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A thought about the "North Korea" situation.
Everything you read is controlled by someone.
They focus on the appearance of a situation, when in fact
the reality is something entirely different. Always ask yourself "Why am I reading this? What do they 'want' me to think?" Because in this day and age the internet is the primary method of attaining information. If you don't think that they control it secretly, you are naive.

I'm not saying that it's a lie, but to me the actions seem
to be provocative so that they can incite more rhetoric from
North Korea. Once it has hit a tipping point, I believe an EMP False-Flag will be the next step. Think about it, what's more perfect than an EMP? Internet will be cut-off and North Korea also happens to be a very mysterious and isolated region. Most people have no idea what's going on there. That coupled with the fact that internet access will be undermined (most likely, if it's not the EMP they will simply use the kill-switch and say it's the EMP) suggests to me a plan that is almost perfect.

I also believe that they are accomplishing two things by pushing the idea that NK has no real military capability.
First, they allow the public to sit back and relax and NOT PREPARE for anything. They don't want people prepared and I believe this is why so much anti-prepper rhetoric has been injected into recent media as of late. Secondly, by allowing people to believe that no threat exists they also gain the element of surprise.

Not to mention all the recent North Korean rhetoric and references in films and video as of late, it is perfect.
It's naive to think that this plan "will never work", it's all designed to out-smart the majority of the population. Even those who claim to be intelligent base their facts on the information they are spoon-fed by the media and the education system. So remember, this situation needs to be analyzed critically and no one can be trusted.
Black Kelley
User ID: 31206148
United States
04/03/2013 06:20 PM
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Re: A thought about the "North Korea" situation.
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