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Message Subject OMNI (GOD), using 'HIS' returned Son Stephen, wants Julian Assange released, the Queen and family to abdicate and the Illuminati to obey.
Poster Handle completejigsaw
Post Content
Confusion of words.
Anti has two meanings, against and before, and therefore the Antichrist also has other meanings, one of which is, 'before the Christ spirit' is received by all.
Now how about the New World order?
We have a 1st world, a 3rd world and a new world but not a 2nd world. Why is that? Because 'HE' did not want to confuse us and also to state that after the 1st world we have the New World. Therefore what does NWO mean?
new World Order is how people believe it BUT it is really
New World order.
Yes, the New World is based in the Southern Hemisphere, the 'right' hand side of the world 'brain'.
And where does the new Pope come from? The New World, Argentina, the same as my residency!
And where in Argentina will the New Jerusalem be? Cordoba, known as the 'heart' of Argentina, 'HIS' Temple, your heart!
You ALL know SOOO much and SOOOOOOOOOOOOO little, at this moment.
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