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Message Subject OMNI (GOD), using 'HIS' returned Son Stephen, wants Julian Assange released, the Queen and family to abdicate and the Illuminati to obey.
Poster Handle completejigsaw
Post Content
I have been to the Ecuadorian Embassy and presented papers for the Ambassador, Julian Assange and then gave a copy to the police. The papers contain many details that are EXPLOSIVE in respect to the legitimacy of the current Royal Family and the position of Mr David Cameron and the Illuminati!!!
Let us wait for the responses.
If I disappear then you know that I am right. If I do not then you know that my father, our father, is protecting me! Either way it seems that I win!!!
I gave them ALL my personal details because I fear NOTHING. Do not worry about the warmongering. EVERYTHING is controlled by 'HIM'. Just sit back and watch the end of the 'unreality' show written, produced and directed by 'HIM' and acted by us zombies!
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