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Message Subject OMNI (GOD), using 'HIS' returned Son Stephen, wants Julian Assange released, the Queen and family to abdicate and the Illuminati to obey.
Poster Handle completejigsaw
Post Content
Basic content of Letter for the Ambassador of Ecuador in London delivered to the Embassy

Sir, firstly I apologise for not writing in your native language which I can speak but have some difficulty in writing. Please find enclosed a letter outlining the way I believe I will be instrumental in obtaining Mr Julian Assange’s release from this forced captivity. It explains who I am and so I will not repeat here.

I would like to give further credentials and references so that you can check on me if you feel reason to do so.

My name is Stephen Anthony Wheeler and date of birth 01.12.1952. With British passport number 0706 273280, a resident of Argentina although currently residing at the Enterprise Hotel, Hogarth Rd., Earls Court. When in Argentina I was named in the La Nacion and Clarin newspapers in 2008 as the ‘Guru’ for President Nestor Kirchner. I never met him nor his, wife the current President, but have contacts that are close including Damian Barihof and Gregorio Sas Yan (Inngeniar@ Twitter), the last one having substantial real knowledge of me.

As you will see from the attached, the importance of Argentina and I would like to stress that by your actions here it has given me an understanding from my father, our father, that Ecuador is a very important country also.

I would like to pass on my best wishes for your eminent President Raphael Correa and also stress that ‘HE’ has shown me that ‘HE’ is in control of every atom in the Universe and hence no one should worry about health problems because ‘HE’ gave them and will take them away. Also do not worry about wars or threats of wars, asteroids etc etc.

Thank you for your consideration and your very brave actions.


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