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Message Subject OMNI (GOD), using 'HIS' returned Son Stephen, wants Julian Assange released, the Queen and family to abdicate and the Illuminati to obey.
Poster Handle completejigsaw
Post Content
Basic content of letter to Julian Assange delivered to the Embassy of Ecuador

Dear Julian please read the enclosed. I expect that, with your agreement, that you could leave soon.

Please research me under www.godlikeproductions.com under the name Completejigsaw , if there is anything else you require please contact me at minieconomics@gmail.com. I would suggest that when we meet you arrange to have present Max Clifford and Gary Double from IMG in order to organise publicity and press agreements.

I have scans of the letters from 10, Downing St and the Patent Office.

Our father likes playing with names like evil. My initials are SAW which backwards is WAS and so I WAS here before and you SAW me. Your name is Julian AS(s) ANGE(l)!!!!!

In numerology where a=1, b=2 etc

Heart=50 Bull’s Eye in darts

Perfect=50 PerfectION=50 'In Our Numbers' and SAW is Same As Words!!!




SOH(Son Of ‘HIM’ but also SOHampton!!) My parents post code SO31 5DL (Son Of Dear Lord!)

Now look at that of Buckingham Palace!!! SW1AA
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