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A little perspective about north korea

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 36874452
United States
04/03/2013 10:27 PM
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A little perspective about north korea
As we all know the US is 17 trillion dollars in dept and very close to defaulting. I believe the chinese government is controlling north korea and steering it into a war with the US. People seem to think "whats another war going to do to us, no bigger right?" Well, its going to push us a few trillion more into dept and when you add that to the bill that is continually growing it will cause america to default. This will be devastating not only for the US but the world economy. This will mark the end of the dollar and the chinese yuan will take its place as the world currency. Now I have been tracking certain elites, leaders from the UN, and top bank execs and noticed a trend of them moving to china. Makes you wonder if they know what can happen and are even pushing for this war too. We are in a tough spot now. Yes we are getting threatened and noone wants to live in fear of nukes, but we cannot afford another long, drawn out war. Make no mistake this is not iraq. Its easy to find targets to destroy in the desert, in a forested area with highly trained opposition it is not as easy. This war can last a very long time, unless we just decide to nuke them to oblivion. That would be a bad outcome either way. I think we are entering the final years of america as we know it. Stay tuned.