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North Korea - Conspiracy Discussion

User ID: 33861020
United States
04/03/2013 11:03 PM
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North Korea - Conspiracy Discussion
I've been reading a few North Korean news update threads while most of the discussions focus on will they or won't they, do they have/have not - while every once in a while someone chimes in on what they think is really going on behind the scenes.

I liked the few ideas I heard, speculation always makes interesting discussion. So I thought we should have our own thread for this.

Here's my thoughts on what's currently going on behind the scenes and what will eventually happen...please feel free to add your own thoughts about what you think is happening or could happen :-)

Since NK has been a threat for a long time now, what if the US smuggled out it's own nukes years ago. Anyone watch that documentary "Countdown to Zero"? The scary part is, after watching that we realize that there actually are missing/unaccounted nukes and majority of those are from the US and Russia. So, US makes a few nukes disappear- but not until after a few tweaks are made. To detonate upon launch. US has a third party sell the nukes to NK. Now, after stocking up on an arsenal of these advanced long range weapons, NK feels pretty invincible and starts making threats. US doesn't say much, they know NK will make the first strike now that NK feels untouchable. NK hits the button, but it literally backfires, he ends up nuking his own damn country along with himself. US quietly laughs, it was all part of the plan after all. That would be the true art of war. Supply the weapons for your enemy, and you win the war the moment it starts.

User ID: 17469320
04/03/2013 11:07 PM
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Re: North Korea - Conspiracy Discussion
I like ur thinking.may be not a whole nuke but maybe some part of it.
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