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Subject Obama's 5% Donation In Perspective--Laughable
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"On Wednesday, Obama announced that he would be returning 5% of this year's presidential salary in a show of solidarity with federal workers who have been furloughed by the sequester. The White House came up with the 5 percent figure to approximate the level of spending cuts to nondefense federal agencies that took effect on March 1.

That's the first point I would like to make. Obama stands in solidarity with the nondefense federal workers who will lose their jobs, but not the defense and military personnel who will be affected by the sequester?

5% of Barack Obama's $400,000 salary is $20,000. Your president thinks that a $20,000 donation to the Treasury is significant.

Let's put a few things in perspective:

It costs $180,000 to operate Air Force One for one hour. When Obama takes a golf trip, taxpayers are paying $180,000 for every hour that his plane is in the air. When Obama took a trip to San Francisco to campaign for the Democratic Party this week, it cost the taxpayers 9 times his $20,000 salary return. Every time that the Obama's vacation in Hawaii, it costs $2.9 million in airfare.

President Obama's recent golf weekend with Tiger Woods cost the taxpayers over one million dollars. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama pointed out that if Obama were to not have gone on that vacation, 341 less federal workers would have been furloughed. But don't worry, he will donate $20,000.

John Kerry has also joined President Obama saying he will also donate 5% of his salary to charity. This figure comes out to be $9,175. $9,175 is .00004% of Kerry's net worth of $198.65 million. "

TAKEN FROM [link to www.camharris.us]

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