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Subject Illuminati Shilluminati
Poster Handle Cat's Out of the Bag
Post Content
They don't hold the power most think they do. All they are is a political group with mixed Christian and Pagan beliefs. The secrets they keep are that of esoterical sciences and arcane rituals. They don't know anything of actual importance - they're not even aware of how reality really works.

I know. I've talked to them. Seen what they do and believe. Heard what they had to say...they were surprisingly open for such secretive folk, but ah well.

Interesting fact: They believe that the Nobody is on their side. That he is their God (someone who is either Jesus or Osiris...perhaps both) and that they are bringing his existence into our world through their practice, and that this time around he's going to be called Nathanael.

Sad, really. I expected a group of great power, knowledge and authority...all I got were glorified Freemasons.

Of course, they got offended when I said as much. But that's easy to understand - they think they hold power. They think they wield strength. They think they know how reality works.

They haven't got a clue. They've never even begun to taste power. And as long as they continue their practices of mixing science and religion, expecting something great to come of it....

They never will.
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