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Message Subject The Ego, The Devil, Satan, The Flesh, Primal Instinct, Pan, Prometheus, Lucifer, Liberty, etc., etc...
Poster Handle Holy_Diver
Post Content
OP - Take heed:

The information you've reposted here is correct, but it is only one level of the correctness.

Think about the entire framework of the Occult. Rule 1: As above, so below.

Just as well to say as within, so without and vice versa.

Our Bodies are microcosms of grander things, up and down the spectrum, holographically, all the way to the very Body and Mind of God.

To say that this-and-that is ONLY this hormone or that gland is to completely miss everything profound revelation has to offer.

The Body is the Temple, yes, but the Temple is built as an analogy to the body, and the temple is designed like the motions of the cosmos.

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