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Subject Warning: Mexican cartel is coming to an american town near you
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The recent assassination of law officials has the cartel written all over it. The msm claims its white suppremists, and the murders were racially motivated. That is laughable! They are perhaps semi correct though. I recently read that there is a pact between the mexican cartel and the aryan brotherhood regarding the sale of meth (and other higher priced drugs) here in the states. Supposedly the cartel has been wanting to get a stronger foothold in the us for a long time and have some plans to take out certain targets (law enforcement officials). The aryan brotherhood is huge in the drug trade and are known as elite assassins often hired by the mafia for high valued hits. Seems like the cartel and AB would make a good team right? If I'm right you will see alot more hits in the up coming months and the government will keep blaming race motivation as the culprit until it is too late and the cartel have a stronger foothold here. Either our government is complete tards for not connecting the dots, or maybe they are even pulling the strings to create some kind of civil unrest and also generate some extra funds via drug trade for some black op project.
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