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strange dream or was it real news?

noeating before bedtime
User ID: 37560856
United States
04/06/2013 01:33 PM
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strange dream or was it real news?
I was talking to a friend the other day and started to say how I had seen news articles about King Abdullah in Jordon voluntarily stepping down as ruler over Jordon to make a Palestinian state and total peace in the region over that issue.

As I was relaying what I had read, I can still see Abdullah's smiling face on a newspaper article, I actually was telling my friend that I did not know if I really saw that or it was a dream, I am still confused about it but it remains very real in my memory.

Abdullah was being hailed as a very great man for this act and was going to be asked by the other countries in the area to manage this whole peace plan.

Was this too much news junkie nightmares or what the heck is this about?