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Jamie Foxx--Illuminati packaged, served for the drones??

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 37021987
04/06/2013 04:47 PM
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Jamie Foxx--Illuminati packaged, served for the drones??
Just watched Collateral, Tom Cruise runs circles around him in the acting department. Foxx is amateurish. Ridiculous!!! Quite understandable if you look at his career prior to Collateral: a couple of trashy sitcom guest appearances with a sprinkle of sad B movie roles. Anyway, for no apparent reason, this guy gets to do Collateral, right after, Ray.....A manufactured oscar award to follow, with lots of marketing and exposure of the great Jamie Foxx shoved down our throats on MSM and vuala, a new icon for the urban underclass is born. An icon who gets to say shit like Obama is our 'lord and savior' and 'kill all the white people'. And all the drones just LAP IT UP.