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Subject MK-ULTRA. Religion and Ego
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Right now tv commercials are stimulating senses through subliminal messaging techniques, major artists are under programming by the elite and more and more atheists are being created daily. Now it's hard to find an artist who is not satanic as I've heard soft rock songs that sound peace and graceful but really truely had a satanic meaning subliminally coated by certain words and phrases put together.

Here's something you know but may not have picked up on. It works better if I use family as an example so it's more clear:

When you are in your bedroom and hear you relatives talking amongst themselves in a seperAter room you will hear them say something completely different than from what they are actually talking about if you were in the room with them. What you are hearing them say is truth/confessions. Coated in keywords so the conscious mind won't understand but YOU (As in your higher self) will understand. While your sitting in your room overhearing their confessions, think of the room you are in as your unconscious mind and the room they are in as your conscious focus. This is the truth spirit many have come to call the "Holy sprit" or the "holy ghost". It is simply you confessing with ought having to literAlly say the exact words to confess. This is similar to back asking but more on our timeline :p
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