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Subject +--- Illuminati Secrets 2,3,4 & 5 ---+
Poster Handle Seeker Rising
Post Content
This is a video series about the Nephilim and their plans to enslave the World. The last videos suggest that North Korea is about to start World War 3. It is just another Freemason planned event. When I think about it, a country putting a 28 year old in charge & in control of nuclear weapons...it seems like he is being put in place to be a scape goat.
Also, I could not find the first video in this series. o.k.

THE NEPHILIM - Illuminati Secret 2

NEPHILIM PENGUINS - Illuminati Secret 3

NEPHILIM CODE BOOKS - Illuminati Secret 4

OPENING THE GATES OF HELL - Illuminati Secret 5
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