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Message Subject +--- Illuminati Secrets 2,3,4 & 5 ---+
Poster Handle theorigionalzombiekiller
Post Content
Are there people here who 'know' there is truth in these videos? Anybody out there who knows about 'The Cabin in the Woods' situation we are entering very soon? Someone please tell me I'm not the only fool who has figured the main things out. One thing I still haven't figured out is how many people are in on this set up. I feel like Truman. Somehow these guys are able to watch us without cameras. They speak of things I do, that only people watching me would know. & what is even more messed up is it appears that at least a dozen of these 'others' so far, know how much I watch porn, & joke about it, which is somewhat embarrassing. I know they are testing us, & you can only pass by resisting sin. That's the whole point of the end-times. Its not to punish, but to separate the good from the bad. The dividing of the waters, as they say.
I'll add some advice for those out there who know about the coming sh*t storm (besides stocking up on food) you should buy a plastic wheat grass juicer from ebay (for backpack-weighs 1kg). Grass juicers are fantastic for getting water & vitamins when you have to leg it into the wild. Also carry a windscreen sunshade for using as a solar cooker. You wont want to make fires in the end-times as they attract attention. And lastly get transpiration bags & a Katadyn Pocket Water Filter (filters up to 10 000 litres).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32716379

"Nephilim Penguins" lol.

Btw, we are already in the Cabin in the Woods. Unless you mean we are about to enter the end of the movie, in which case, yeah that is coming.

Here is something I came up with that I think explaines our situation pretty well;

The thing I had the hardest time with early on as far as comprehending the nature of the “conspiracy” we are faced with, was the apparent competition between the different groups involved. Not so much as in Republicans vs. Democrats, or Capitalism vs. Communism, because its readily apparent that these and other mainstream conflicts are mostly just a puppet show, duality at work/the Hegelian Dialect at play (although I’m starting to reevaluate somewhat the Capitalism/Communism thing, I think there might be some foundation of an actual difference between the goals of the instigators of both groups, at least when the philosophies were initially being set up. This is explained below).

Take Freemasonry and the Catholic Church, for example. The Vatican has a clear record of anti-Masonic actions. It was responsible for disbanding the Knights Templar. It is against catholic rules to even be a Freemason (although they have their own version somewhat, in the Knights of Columbus). Or even broader, the conflict between the church/the Establishment, and paganism. Pretty much everyone on this board will agree that establishment religions of the world are just as esoteric as the traditionally recognized “pagan” groups, yet throughout time the establishment has persecuted mercilessly the beliefs of “witches and warlocks”.

So what is going on? If they are all part of the same conspiracy, why the apparent conflicts? Can it be explained away simply as a turf war, a sort of “Game of Thrones” competition between groups, ultimately holding the same goal but each one wanting to be the first to get there? (This actually is what I have determined went down between the church and Masonry ultimately, although I think it started because the Templars, which went on to become Masonry, were compromised somehow by their exposure to eastern esoteric thought and practices, and after the church took steps to counteract this, the church decided to just disband the whole lot and take the Templar’s monetary stockpile)

Even accounting for the layers of subterfuge present with the false disagreements “They” play out to keep us distracted via politics and social constructs (education disparities, cultural affiliations, sports team allegiances lol) I have always sensed there is an actual difference between the establishment groups and their secret societies (church and state/skull and bones and masonry etc.), and the organizations outside of this framework (various and sundry).

So, what is this difference? What are the goals of both groups?

I believe the answer can be found within the body of Gnostic teachings. Wherein The Demiurge/Yaldaboath/Yahweh has created and maintains this false reality we are caught up in. His archons assist in this. I believe the establishment, which is for the most part the governments etc., takes part in this. They are allied with the archonic control Matrix. These guys are the standard TPTB. They just want the same pyramid style structure of elite rule and control to continue via the deceptions of duality and the Hegelian dialect. They want a “NWO” in the sense of a better system of control, and are actively working toward achieving it as we speak.

However, I also think they face opposition in a group of archons who seek to overthrow their creator. They seek to become the Gods of the Matrix, or variously, to destroy it completely. This was Agent Smith’s goal in The Matrix films, and the Demiurge (the Machines/archons) were forced to ally with Neo to stop this. I have come to the conclusion that the group we commonly refer to as “The Illuminati” may in actuality be this group, and not the group we usually term “The Powers That Be”. They seek a “NWO” in the sense of a true tearing down of precedent, as opposed to the rule of the Old World Order. They seek ascension.

Of course within and around these two opposing sides there is and can be any number of other groups pursuing their own agendas. For example, Alistair Crowley, “The Nobody”, etc, are not easily categorized in my opinion, at least with the information we have.
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