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FolkilskFogsvan's wholesome food recipies

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User ID: 7092164
04/07/2013 01:42 PM
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FolkilskFogsvan's wholesome food recipies
A dish for kings!

1. (1) slice of strong cheese. The strogner the better.
2. Take a bunch of baby tomatoes, slice them if that is to your liking
3. Spread melted crayfish/shrimp cheese over the bread (prefferable real brea)
4. Apply lettuce and rucola sallad [link to en.wikipedia.org]
5. Take a nip of fried onions (optional)

How to apply:
1. add crayfish or shrimp cheese
5. apply onions
2. apply cheese
3. apply sallad
4. apply tomatos

Picture of dish:

[link to i.imgur.com]