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Satan, Illuminati Time Shifters

User ID: 25336165
United States
04/08/2013 12:37 PM
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Satan, Illuminati Time Shifters
A particular group of artificial time shifters helps the powers of FALSE-EGO on Earth at this time.

They call these Satanic entities, "Demons" since the beginning of time.

They can be thought forms, because in the end, when you see 1 thing, it just means there is an infinite amount more

SO "daemons", becomes "thought forms".

These can be "good or bad". Depending on your "SCALE OF REFERENCE" because it is all relative to your baseline state of consciousness, determined by your physical being.

Instead of breaking the idea down into a polarity of good and evil, or a duality system of opposition.

See that there is simply IS, Universal essence and they can be designed and interpreted in various ways.

With that said, there still is a very real system of control and ignorance driven through greed and materialism that started many many years ago involving more than one Earth species.

The "God's" of the sacred texts are simply beings who have evolved passed our limitations of this frequency.

The "Good and Evil" aspect is dependent upon the viewer and ultimately all humans and all sentient beings share in common a great ancestrial, evolutionary drive and commitment to being.

This is a balance that is represented in the form of an agreement or contract to work with and care for the body in exchange for awareness, expansion and enlightenment.

Ultimately, this is all that's at stake, as it is known when taking this contract, that the body will fall and return to dust as we know it. Therefore, we are only here to take back wisdom, experiences, and a larger and more accurate sense of our true essence.

To complete these tasks we must learn about ourselves and others in a way that will cause us to stress and become frustrated if we continue to give more energy to a FALSE representation of the self. FALSE-EGO is propagated through imagery, beliefs, messages and advertisements aimed at the subconscious and belief systems of humans who have been indoctrinated into dependence on the artificial information channels of this society.

Turn away from that which represents itself as the truth through artificial means by planning and predicting a certain outcome for a certain profit, instead of just flowing self-expression.

Those artificial media outlets will continue to derange those who are plugged in, but there can be a 'signal' sent to disrupt the frequencies that are being transmitted by relatively boosting the interference that is caused by cosmic radiation/rays and the natural animal and earth frequencies which previously dominated Earth's consciousness.

To be a part of the Earth, but not realize we are the Earth, is to be deranged and will then bring further and further from the bases of what reality is all, really about.

This starts with the source and so fixing reality or nature won't do a thing until on the inside we change our belief systems and our perceptions about the Universe and our self.

User ID: 36994774
United Kingdom
04/08/2013 12:38 PM
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Re: Satan, Illuminati Time Shifters
We are not children of celestial fuckin' light, walkin' arm-in-arm into the Age of Aquarius. We are wankers who wreck the planet an' piss on each other, 'til half the world's starvin' an' the other half's busy findin' new ways to keep from noticin' it. That's the fuckin' limit've our potential, believe me.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 37543743
Hong Kong
04/08/2013 12:41 PM
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Re: Satan, Illuminati Time Shifters
 Quoting: El_Duderino